AHF Ukraine took part in the festival “Spring in search of MADE IN UKRAINE”



This festival gathered for the eleventh time the best Ukrainian manufacturers in the open air. This cultural and shopping event is extremely popular among residents of Kyiv and guests of the capital. 

During the two days, thousands of people attended the festival site on Kontraktova Square in Kyiv. 


The AHF team used this good opportunity to inform visitors about safe sex and distribution of condoms, as well as about HIV testing. The mobile unit of AHF was located at the main entrance to the festival site, and thus immediately attracted the attention of all its guests.

The line of those wishing to undergo HIV testing was as bright and diverse as the festival itself. Married couples, students, schoolchildren, men in military uniform and fashionable girls gathered there. AHF’s social worker provided counseling to all those concerned about HIV transmission, preventive measures and the benefits of safe sex.

During the two days of the festival, 134 people were tested for HIV. Two HIV-positive and one person with a positive test result for hepatitis C were identified. During the two days of the festival more than 2,500 condoms were distributed.

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