International Condom Day – 2017


AHF Ukraine celebrated the International Condom Day – 2017 in an unusual way, by hosting activities during the whole week creating an International Condom Week that was held from 4th to 8th February in the Art Arsenal of Kyiv.

All activities took place within the Ukrainian Fashion Week (UFW), which is a trendsetting event in the country and attracts many celebrities and young people.

During UFW, AHF presented a creative installation on safe sex. The installation, along with other activities, such as: rapid HIV testing, workshops on proper condom use, lectures on safe sex, and condom distribution were performed under the slogan “Always in Fashion.” The activities dedicated to the International Condom Day were carried out not only in Ukraine, but also in 39 countries of the world.

A highlight within the UFW, was the unique outfits made out of condoms by a fashion designer Oleksiy Zalewskyi that were presented on the catwalk and dedicated to safe sex. Five pieces of designer clothes made from 5000 Love and Durex condoms, became a real message. Thus, in his catwalk, Oleksiy proclaimed that people should not be ashamed of condoms, and that use of condoms is literally a fashionable trend.

“UFW is a trendsetting event in the country. I want condoms to become a fashionable trend in Ukraine, and so I happily joined the International Condom Day, and that means the day we stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic,”  said Oleksiy Zalewskyi.

At all events dedicated to the International Condom Day, AHF paid special attention to the issue of availability of condoms to the population, in particular, the issue of the high price for them in Ukraine and the lack of state programs for free distribution. Additionally, Zoya Shabarova, AHF Europe Bureau Chief, emphasized the contribution of AHF to improvement of condom accessibility in Ukraine: “Every year we are making condoms more and more accessible and distribute them among the people for free. For 4 years we have distributed almost 2 million condoms in Ukraine. But today, we urge the Government of Ukraine to start procurement and distribution of condoms in the framework of HIV/AIDS programs to prevent HIV infection. For example, the government could distribute free condoms through the AIDS centers or TB clinics.”

Total audience that saw this event reached 25 million. During the events in the Art Arsenal over 40,000 condoms were distributed, 322 HIV tests were conducted; master classes on the proper use of condoms were attended by over 1,000 guests of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Also, AHF held the International Condom Day in the network of Mister Cat pizzerias, where 7,200 LOVE condoms were distributed.