Work results of AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Ukraine (AHF Ukraine) in the first half of 2017


AHF Ukraine implements programs aimed at the provision of medical services to HIV-infected patients in Ukraine in 7 regional and 7 city AIDS centers, 23 “Trust” offices and 3 integrated care centers created on the basis of Kyiv City Narcological Clinical Hospital “Sotsioterapiya”, Kyiv Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary and Bilgorod-Dnistrovsk Regional STI clinic.

On all sites, the clinical program of AHF Ukraine is a system that consists of components focused on the needs of a patient, including improvement of material and technical conditions of the sites, provision of drugs for prevention and treatment of opportunistic diseases and medical products, ensuring access of patients to high-cost diagnostic procedures, such as CT and MRI.

The number of patients in AHF Ukraine clinical programs is constantly growing and by the end of June reached 26,790 people, representing 53% of the total number of patients receiving AHF services in Europe.

At the end of the second half of 2017, AHF testing model was implemented on 203 sites in 134 cities of Ukraine.

In comparison with the 6-months period of 2016, number of tests in the first half of 2017 has almost doubled to 55,578; 3,027 positive results were detected (level of seropositivity in AHF Ukraine testing programs is 5.4%).

2,320 tests were conducted during the first six months at the Checkpoint testing site (Kyiv), 80 of them showed positive results.

With the help of the mobile testing unit, AHF Ukraine tested 1,798 people, 20 positive results were detected, in 86% of cases, linkage to treatment was provided.

In the first six months of 2017, AHF continued advocacy activities aimed at condom use awareness and encouragement of youth to do HIV tests. Owing to successful participation of AHF in Eurovision, in the 4 fan zones of the Song Contest were distributed over 30,000 condoms and additionally over 36,000 condoms were distributed throughout the city by volunteers of the Eurovision Song Contest. 4,625 citizens of Ukraine and foreign guests from 37 countries from all continents were tested for HIV in Kyiv. Among citizens of Ukraine 29 HIV positive test results were detected, 73 positive results for Hepatitis C, 26 positive results for Hepatitis B and 17 positive results for syphilis.

Over 20,000 consultations were conducted and more than 200,000 copies of informational materials were distributed.


AHF awareness campaign New Love informed citizens about the possibilities of getting tested on 133 advertising sites in Kyiv and Dnipro, as well as on the stations of the Kyiv subway which significantly increased the number of people tested for HIV. In the Checkpoint testing site, the number of tests performed was doubled, and the percentage of visits to the website was significantly increased.

AHF Ukraine used another important advocacy event – the International Condom Day 2017 – very effectively, and participated in the Ukrainian Fashion Week, thus attracting the attention of millions of viewers to the importance of HIV testing and use of condoms.

During the events dedicated to the International Condom Day, more than 40,000 condoms were distributed, 322 HIV tests were performed; master classes on the proper condom use were attended by over 1,000 guests of Ukrainian Fashion Week.