Youth Day in Kyiv: Participation of AHF Ukraine and registration in the Records Book of Ukraine


AHF Ukraine joined this event by the invitation of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of the Kyiv City State Administration.

On this day, the organization opened two HIV testing sites – in the Mariinsky Park (mobile site) and near the Arch of Friendship of Peoples (stationary site), where HIV testing and counseling were carried out and condoms were distributed free of charge.

Testing for HIV is a very topical issue among young people, so many young people underwent tests here.

Media representatives also did not stay on the sidelines – they visited both sites to make their coverage and to get tested for HIV.

In total, about 150 tests were carried out, 2 of which had a positive result. More than 10,000 condoms and 2,000 copies of information materials were also distributed free of charge.

The festival of youth initiatives Youth DAY was registered in the Records Book of Ukraine in the category “Mass Events” as an event with “the largest number of civil society institutions”, among which there was also AHF Ukraine.