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🇪🇪 Support for Ukrainian refugees in Estonia:

Estonia guarantees emergency medical care in the event of serious or life-threatening illnesses.

People living with HIV can get free medical advice and antiretroviral therapy. To do this, contact the relevant centers at: AHF - Linda Kliinik, Narva -

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🇬🇪 Support for Ukrainian refugees in Georgia:

You can also get help in Georgia absolutely free of charge.

To do this, contact the relevant centers at: AHF Georgia -

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🇬🇷 Support for Ukrainian refugees in Greece:

Anyone who leaves Ukraine due to hostilities is automatically considered a member of uninsured vulnerable social groups and has free access to the National Health Care System.

To do this, you must obtain a social security registration number (Greek AMKA)

If there is no AMKA or it is in the process of being issued, you can access national health services free of charge by presenting your passport or a document issued by the police.

For HIV issues, you can also contact our partners in Greece by sending an email to: [email protected]

A new prevention center for refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers, Ref Checkpointis scheduled to open in Athens in May 2022 at Pittaki 4 (ground floor), Athens, 10554. Tuesday to Saturday 12.00-16.00.. Phone number:(+30)2103243133.

🇱🇹 Support for Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania:

Ukrainians living with HIV and currently living in Lithuania, should contact the Migration Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania or the nearest registration center in Vilnius, Alytus, Klaipeda or Marijampolė.

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You can obtain a registration card at the registration center with the personal e-health history code ESI.

This code is unique and allows you to identify the customer when receiving health care or prescription drugs.

When visiting medical facilities or pharmacies, you must provide specialists with an assigned Electronic Health History (ESI) code.

In the future, to get free HIV treatment, you should contact one of these health facilities:

📍 Vilnius


Center for Infectious Diseases

  • Santariskiu str. 14, Vilnius
  • +37052752790
  • Monday-Thursday 08:00 – 17:00
  • Friday 08:00 – 14:00

📍 Kaunas


Consulting clinic

📍 Klaipeda


AIDS Center

🇳🇱 Support for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands:

To receive HIV treatment services in the Netherlands you can:

  1. Contact your GP / Huisarts (Dutch) in the place where you live. Your GP will refer you to an HIV specialist. [...]
  2. Contact the AHF office in the Netherlands. [...]

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🇵🇹 Support for Ukrainian refugees in Portugal:

Portugal has a program to protect Ukrainian citizens displaced by the war.

Ukrainians can obtain a residence permit on the basis of temporary protection status, which guarantees each person the following identification numbers:

  • Tax Identification Number (NIF);
  • Social Security Identification Number (NISS);
  • National Health Service (SNS) user number.

This means that the citizens of Ukraine will have the same rights in health care as the citizens of Portugal.

To receive services for HIV-positive patients in Portugal, you should seek the help of the Treatment Activists Group:

🇬🇧 Support for Ukrainian refugees in the UK:

HIV treatment in the UK is free, regardless of the person's immigration status.

People living with HIV can use the clinic of their choice without being tied to their place of residence. [...]

There are several ways to find a local HIV clinic: