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Dear patients of the TEST & TREAT Odessa clinic!

Our clinic is now working in the mode of providing you with drugs. There are no any problems with medications.

If you have a supply of medication for approximately 14 days - contact the clinic directly by the following numbers. You can get the drugs either personally or by a trusted person.

If you are a resident of the Odessa region and can not get to the Odessa city - the team will do everything possible to deliver medicine to your place by a trusted person.

We pay attention to the schedule of our clinic now: from 9:00 to 14:00 (the information will be updated daily).

Там сповіщатимемо вас про будь-які зміни у роботі.

Phone numbers: (050) 438-90-07, (048) 706-71-71

Address: Odessa, Velyka Arnauts`ka street , 44.

Follow the official AHF website at: https://freehivtest.org.ua/uk/test-treat-clinic-ahf-ukraine-uk

There we will inform you about any changes in the work.

Keep calm and take care of yourself!

Important information on how to receive antiretroviral therapy (ART) if you have been forced to travel to the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Moldova!

List of hospitals where you can get therapy at: https://bit.ly/36BdRc0

Phones: 226-928-226 (open: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00); 800-888-448 (free);

hotline: +48 47 721-75-75.
Additional information: www.ua.gov.pl

If you need information on detailed rules for crossing the border with the Republic of Poland, contact the border service: +48 82 568 51 19.

The National Platform of Tuberculosis Control Organizations of the Republic of Moldova informs people who urgently cross the border between Ukraine and Moldova who need support in the field of public health (tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, diabetes, etc.).

If you have the above diseases and are traveling to Moldova, you can seek further help and treatment. https://smit.md/

+373 793 35 143 Pavel Rukshinyanu

+373 793 35 142 Oksana Rukshinyanu

Welcome to AHF Test & Treat Clinic - Odessa!

We are located in the city of Odessa and offer confidential HIV services at no cost. You can visit us to get a free rapid HIV test, HIV treatment with ARV medication, and condoms (male and female). Counseling on HIV prevention and treatment is also available. Everyone is welcome! Call us to schedule an appointment and get more information about our services. You can also walk into the clinic to access our free HIV services.

Click here for the main AHF Odessa website.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 — 14:00
Saturday 9:00 — 14:00


Odessa, Velyka Arnautska Steet, 44

The Test & Treat clinic was opened in Odessa in December 2017 with funds from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation-USA in Ukraine in cooperation with the Odessa Regional Center for Socially Significant Diseases within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between the AHF Ukraine and the Ministry of Health, as well as between Fund and Department of Health of Odessa Regional State Administration.

About the clinic for patients

The AHF Test & Treat Clinic in Ukraine is a healthcare institution where you can get an HIV test and, if it is positive, get all the support you need and rapidly start treating HIV infection and related diseases.

The following services are provided free of charge at the clinic:

Testing and prevention, psycho-social support, and HIV treatment.

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